Simplify your department’s scheduling


netDuty delivers an easy to use, yet powerful solution for managing the complex scheduling needs of fire departments. Say goodbye to inefficient paper schedules, spreadsheets, phone calls and rosters, our software gives you the tools you need to effectively manage your department’s scheduling.

alarm clock

With netDuty’s convenient online shift scheduling tool, you can manage your fire department’s schedule from anywhere.

shift exchange

netDuty helps manage and track shift exchanges between staff members by tracking requests approvals and owed time according to your department’s specific policies.

person behind desk

Our program can be customized with a variety of reporting and pay categories to individualize each time card at the end of the pay period, all you have to do is print.

Sign up to request a demo and see how netDuty can help manage your fire department’s scheduling needs. Our staff will walk you through our software, and will show you how it can be customized to fit your specific department.

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