Public Safety Scheduling & Time Management

From shift scheduling to time tracking; netDuty can do it all with less time and effort. netDuty focuses on getting your police, EMS or fire shift schedule online.  netDuty is a flexible and affordable solution to managing your firefighter shift schedule online. From building shift calendars, to managing time cards, netDuty helps you quickly manage your fire department schedules and work on other tasks. Read more about our flexible and easy to use shift calendar solutions.
Online mobile application Integrate your police, EMS or firefighter shift schedule with your department’s communication system to keep officers up to date on relevant changes to the schedule, while reducing the amount of redundant email or text messages they receive. Read only the important stuff. With a wide variety of configurations, netDuty is flexible and powerful. We’ll get your site configured so your fire department, law enforcement  or or EMS schedule and policies match the way your system works.

News and Events

Filling Department Shifts – Online Scheduling - July 4 represents an especially difficult time in staffing fire departments. Summertime vacations, wild land fire staffing and holiday activities can take career, part time and volunteer staff away during one of the most active times for fire departments.
Affordable Care Act for Part Time Firefighters - For departments with part time employees, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will require extra monitoring and record keeping of the hours staff member's hours. A measurement period is chosen by employers of between 3 and 12 months and the hours a staff member is compensated for must be measured and analyzed to determine employee status and the applicability of employer based health care.