Emergency Response Shift Scheduling Made Simple

Fire, Police, EMS Online Schedule Management

netDuty delivers an easy to use, yet powerful solution for managing the complex scheduling needs of emergency response departments. Say goodbye to inefficient paper schedules, spreadsheets, phone calls, and rosters, this software is designed to solve the scheduling and time management challenges fire, police, and EMS personnel face every day. netDuty is a flexible and affordable way for any emergency response agency to minimize paperwork and increase efficiency.

Here are some of netDuty’s key features:

  • Online Shift Scheduling and Event Calendar
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Shift Exchanges
  • Time Tracking

Shift Scheduling

View and update calendars quickly and easily from anywhere. The online scheduling tool is accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or computer; and with customizable automatic notifications, staff and managers are kept up to date on schedule changes and available shifts.

Shift Exchanges

Easily manage shift exchanges with a system tailored for each department’s specific exchange policies. netDuty maintains a transaction history of exchange requests and approvals, and the shift hour bank tracks the time owed between staff members, for a simplified shift exchange process.

Time Tracking

Forecast staffing needs and simplify the end of pay period record keeping with web based time tracking. This easy to use system tracks and categorizes shifts – making report generation a quick and easy task. netDuty automatically calculates overtime, vacation time, sick time, and accrual rates for improved time management throughout any emergency response department.

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