Affordable Care Act for Part Time Firefighters

Posted on Sep 20, 2013 in Features

For departments with part time employees, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will require extra monitoring and record keeping of the hours staff member’s hours. A measurement period is chosen by employers of between 3 and 12 months and the hours a staff member is compensated for must be measured and analyzed to determine employee status and the applicability of employer based health care.

Combination departments, or departments using a large number of part time staff, may not anticipate or be able to pay for this additional mandate, and therefore must ensure the hours they assign their part time staff for do not exceed the thresholds. For firefighters in particular, this can be a difficult task to manage because part time staff can be paid for unscheduled time on duty.

The threshold for part time staff can be 130 hours per month. If a part time staff member is scheduled for 120 hours during a month, but a series of fire and/or medical incidents requiring additional staffing may occur during that month and may push that firefighter over the 130 hour limit. Regularly recalculating a staff member’s hours can be cumbersome.

With netDuty Online, part time staff members can be grouped, and should their anticipated hours for a month go above 130 hours, either by scheduled shifts or a combination of scheduled and unscheduled shifts, your administrative staff can be alerted. You are then able to adjust your department’s schedule to ensure that part time staff members stay below the threshold. The earlier you are warned, the easier it is to make adjustments. You don’t want to lose the response of part time staff members in an emergency, but you can’t take on the additional costs with this law.

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