Affordable Care Act Staffing Issues

Changes to the nation’s health care system will require fire departments to regularly monitor their part time staff hours. For departments with part time firefighters, the Affordable Care Act may trigger the need to provide health care benefits if the firefighter goes above 130 hours per month, or 30 hours a week (depending on how the department chooses to average their assessment).

The Affordable Care Act – Part Time Staff and netDuty Online

    • Track Scheduled and Unscheduled hours

      netDuty Online assesses staff member’s scheduled and unscheduled time; be alerted if a firefighter’s off duty response will trigger the health care mandate.

Tracking part time staff hours, scheduled and unscheduled, in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

  • Track employee hours by week, or by month for all hours since your department has been using netDuty.
  • Receive alerts when part time staff are estimated to cross the ACA threshold. Catch it in time to reduce their scheduled hours.
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  • Choose alternative scheduling for part time staff to give part timers a routine schedule and flexibility and maintain ACA compliance.

netDuty Online: Scheduling and Time Management for the fire service.