Volunteer Firefighter Scheduling

How many hours do your volunteers actually donate?

Your volunteer fire department is dedicated, reliable, and always ready for duty. But how many hours do your volunteers actually donate? netDuty provides the tools you need to schedule, track, and report the hours your volunteer staff contribute. Let netDuty help your department receive the recognition it deserves while improving its efficiency.

This is an afforable online fire department schedule for budget conscious fire departments.

Fire Department Schedule for Volunteer Departments

With netDuty’s online fire department shift schedule tool, you can manage your fire department schedule from anywhere with an internet connection and a Web browser. Quickly schedule your day shifts, sleeper shifts, and on-call coverage. netDuty accommodates any type of scheduled assignment and allows you to easily ensure appropriate coverage.

Automatic Time Sheets
Time Tracking

netDuty can record all time contributed by your volunteers. Whether you have scheduled shifts, on-call coverage, training, or incident responses, netDuty keeps track of it all. This information helps you to evaluate the staffing needs of your station and reports the contributions of your dedicated volunteers.

Email Communications

Eliminate the inconvenience of phone calls, rosters, and unanswered messages. With netDuty Online, scheduled coverage, shift needs, special events, and availability are simply communicated through automatic email. Staff members can even select their notification preferences: immediate email for any available shift or a daily digest email with assigned shifts and any changes. Managers can also configure their notifications to receive one daily report that includes all changes or an email for every change made by staff members.

This software was originally designed to serve the needs of a fire fighter sleeper program for the volunteers of a combination fire department. It has been in use every day since 2004 and has helped the volunteers manage their personal, work and department schedules effectively.

An available online schedule can help coordinate your volunteer’s time, you’ll know who has committed to responding from home. By tracking your volunteer’s hours, you can show your board, your taxpayers and your fire ratings agency how many hours your members donate to their community and how often your station schedule is staffed with personnel.

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