Fire Department Shift Schedule – Career

netDuty saves career fire departments time, hassle, and money. Fire shift needs and availability are quickly and easily communicated to staff members without the inconvenience of phone calls, rosters, and unanswered messages.

netDuty Premium

Fire Department Shift Schedule for Career DepartmentsnetDuty Premium is our ultimate scheduling tool for managing your daily staffing needs, Time Off requests, and time clock functions. With netDuty Premium, you get it all, including:

  • Simple but powerful online calendar to update each fire shift and track daily changes.
  • Automatically communicate fire shift needs with email notifications.
  • Time Off request and approval process, with automatic email and notifications.
  • Flexible Time Clock for tracking hours worked and reporting time for compensation.
  • Customizable reports to meet all your fire department reporting needs.

Start Easy: Scheduling Only

netDuty Scheduling
Do you want to ease into netDuty? No problem. Start easy with our basic netDuty Schedule Plus package that provides your fire department with:

  • Online fire department shift schedule that allows you to view fire department schedule, including who is scheduled to work and who has time off.
  • automatic email notifications to fill shift openings.
  • the ability to instantly delete, exchange, or adjust fire shifts.

Not a career firefighter? Return to our main fire department schedule page to select a solution tailored to your department.