From help cutting down on overtime, to simply keeping track of the number of shift changes, netDuty provides immediate benefits to EMS companies. And with netDuty Clinicals, EMS Training centers can give students the ability to signup for their clinicals shifts at participating training hospital and ambulance agencies.


EMS Scheduling

Scheduling Only – Easy staff scheduling for EMS Agencies

  • Ensure minimum daily staffing.
  • Daily schedule is available online for your personnel.
  • Maintain list of special events.


Time Clock

EMS Agency Time Tracking

  • Track scheduled and unscheduled duties for your staff.
  • Minimize overtime, and provide a bid/approval tracking system.
  • Bid/Approval tracking system to easily fill shifts by bid requests and availability.

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Using netDuty, EMS agencies can keep their minimum schedule filled each day, accounting for high volume shifts, and easily handling the time tracking for each shift.  Managers can keep track of who is on shift at anytime, and make real time decisions as to calling more staff in, or letting some staff go home in order to properly manage changing shift schedule needs.

Each EMS staff schedule duties can be set up to have skill requirements necessary for that position, allowing you to know what your shift schedule looks like and where your required shifts needs are.  With netDuty, your department can maintain proper staffing levels, easily, inexpensively with all the conveniences of modern technology.