Fire Departments

netDuty was developed by a former volunteer fire fighter who understands the unique scheduling and time management challenges fire departments face. Our personalized tools are designed to eliminate those challenges so your station can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on what you do best. We will work with you to design a solution that fits your station’s individual needs.


netDuty is the ultimate resource for career fire departments. Our online calendar management, automatic notification, time tracking, and custom reporting features allow you to manage your shifts and simplify your processes – ensuring efficiency while saving you time and money.


Our program gives you the tools you need to schedule, track, and report the hours of your dedicated team of volunteers. netDuty allows staff to easily update their availability, helping you coordinate adequate coverage. Our time tracking feature lets you generate reports detailing the number of hours your volunteers contribute, making sure your department and your volunteer staff get the recognition they deserve.


netDuty simplifies the schedule and time management challenges of part-time fire departments. Staffing needs and availability are quickly communicated with our online scheduling and automatic notification features. Our shift bidding and shift exchange features ensure each duty is properly staffed and in accordance with your agency’s policies, and our web based time tracking system lets you categorize and report shift time.


Our program provides combination fire departments the resources necessary to manage their complex scheduling needs. With our easy to access shift schedule and flexible time clock features, you can manage, track, and report all types of shifts. netDuty’s intuitive automatic notification tool quickly communicates schedule updates between all staff members, and our web based time tracking feature easily calculates PTO.


Keep your station’s calendar organized and easily accessible using our web based scheduling software. With netDuty, you can easily view and edit your department’s schedule online ensuring proper coverage for all shifts.

Our automatic notification feature lets you quickly communicate shift changes, staffing needs, and availability – saving you time, money, and resources. This feature also gives users the ability to define their personal notification preferences, eliminating redundant and unnecessary emails.

  • Easily manage day shifts, sleeper shifts and on call coverage
  • Crew can access and update schedule from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Automatic notifications
  • Schedule up to one year in advance
  • Keep staff and managers up to date on schedule changes, events, and available shifts
Shift Management

Give your workforce complete shift management capabilities by tracking shift exchanges, and by managing shift bids and assignments. Our shift exchange feature simplifies swaps by recording requests and approvals, and by tracking banked hours owed between staff members. Our shift bidding and shift assignment feature streamlines scheduling and gives your volunteer or part-time workforce the ability to submit their availability by bidding on open shifts or by signing up for a specific shift. These features are customized according to your agency’s specific policies ensuring your shifts are covered appropriately.

  • Exchanges, bidding, and assignments are permitted based on department policy
  • Exchange requests and approvals are recorded and the exchange bank tracks time owed between staff
  • Staff can use the mass bidding utility to bid on multiple shifts
  • Managers can open, close, or hide assignments at their discretion
  • Staff can assign themselves to open shifts based on your station’s permissions
Time Tracking

Save your department valuable time with our hassle-free web based time tracking features. Our time clock seamlessly tracks and categorizes shift time, helping you evaluate your staffing needs and simplifying your payroll process.

Overtime is automatically calculated based on your departments policy or FLSA standards, eliminating the need for manual calculation. Our time tracking makes forecasting easier for staff and managers by calculating vacation time, sick time, and accrual rates.

  • Categorize shift time
  • Simplify end of pay period reporting and timesheets
  • Easily manage and track paid time off
  • Automatically calculate overtime

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