Fire Scheduling

  • The netDuty Day View gives you tools to easily view your schedule and identify staffing needs. Communicate with other shift managers to know what schedule considerations there are.
  • Creating and editing shifts is easy and provides the tools you need to attach important information to each assignment. Determining which staff members should be offered available shifts allows you to equitably make offers.
  • For Career organizations, we'll provide you with one of our timesheet templates. netDuty handles the processing of your payroll rules so at the end of your pay period, you just print, review and submit your time sheets to your pay roll staff. (Or, talk to us about importing)

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Staff Types

  • Scheduling

    Employee managed, officer approved scheduling.

  • Shift Bidding

    Shift bidding and assignment with minimal effort.

  • Time Tracking

    Automatically clock in and out and track all shift time.

  • Shift Exchanges

    Quickly perform and track shift exchanges.


Priced for budget conscious fire departments
Less paperwork, more firefighting
No software to install & easy to use
Mobile friendly, accessible from anywhere

If you already use a time tracking system, netDuty can give you online tools built for firefighter scheduling. If you track time by hand, netDuty can give you a way to save a lot of time, affordably.

  • Time Cards automatically generated. No end of pay period calculations necessary.
  • Easily make daily shift changes, email communications sent automatically.
  • Schedules built out a year in advance, by company, by individual or by day of week.
  • Time off requests easily managed and communicated.
Time Savings: netDuty will significantly reduce the hours your department spends scheduling, communicating and processing time cards. Contact us about starting a free trial to start seeing what kind of return on investment netDuty offers.

Scheduling or time management for your part time firefighters, netDuty has specialized tools to save you time.

  • Easy signup: Firefighters can indicate their availability on the calendar, and choose shifts they are able to work,, in two minutes a month.
  • Equitable: Staffing officers can choose from available part timers, based on seniority, or by number of hours already scheduled.
  • Communication: Emails are automatically sent out when someone is assigned a shift, schedule is available online immediately.

Use your volunteer's hours effectively. Coordinate schedules and track the time they donate to your community.

  • Volunteers can flexibly commit to shifts and indicate when they are otherwise unavailable.
  • Staff can coordinate availability, giving off duty volunteers the knowledge certain call types will be covered.
  • Track station staffing, on call availability, training and incident hours. Quantify your volunteer hours for your elected officials and community members.