Part Time Fire FighterStaffing

netDuty saves combination and part-time departments time, hassle, and money. Staffing needs and availability are quickly and easily communicated to staff members through an online fire department schedule without the inconvenience of phone calls, rosters, and unanswered messages. De

Fire Department Schedule for Combination Departments

pending on your needs, you can ease into netDuty with simple schedule management or expand capabilities by adding our time clock option, shift bidding, or our full premium subscription package.

  • Shift Bidding.
     For departments without set schedules or with schedules filled by part-time staff, netDuty provides the ability to bid for available fire shifts. Employees can easily see how many others have bid for a specific duty and can quickly and conveniently place their own bid. After the bids are placed, duty assignments are made automatically or manually with recommendations. Recommendations help ensure fairness and qualified staffing, without scheduling conflicts.
  • Communications
     netDuty eliminates the inconvenience of phone calls, rosters, and unanswered messages. Shift needs and availability are simply communicated through automatic email. Staff members can even select their notification preferences: immediate email for any available position or a daily digest email with assigned shifts and any changes. Managers can also configure their notifications to receive one daily report that includes all changes or an email for every change made by staff members.
  • Shift Exchanges
    Let netDuty alleviate the hassle and ease the burden of administering and tracking fire schedule exchanges. Whether exchanges are within the same overtime period or different overtime periods, netDuty efficiently tracks it all. With an exchange bank, netDuty can even maintain a record of hours owed between staff members.
  • Categorized Time Tracking
    With netDuty, you can categorize all logged time for improved reporting, enhanced time card management, and simplified payroll processing. Reduce the amount of time you spend calculating hours and pay for different tasks within your department and let netDuty do all the work.
  • Time Clock
    Turn any internet connected department computer into a time clock. netDuty’s time clock option can seamlessly track and categorize all scheduled and unscheduled shift time. You can even set schedule fire duties to automatically clock in and out or manually enter any extended staffing hours. The netDuty time clock also categorizes all time for easier payroll processing.

Other Features

  • Event Calendar
  • Fire/EMS Incident Tracking
  • Automatic Email Reports
  • Automatic Schedule Assignments, customized to each staff member


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