Part Time Shift Scheduling

For departments where staff members may bid on shifts, netDuty can save you time and give you the convenience of displaying each staff member’s currently scheduled hours on your fire department shift calendar to help you select which bid to choose.

Fire Department Shift Calendar
  • Easy for staff members to bid on shifts.
  • Assignments made easy with lists ranking bids by seniority, or least number of scheduled hours.
  • Each staff member can receive an email listing their assignments after the bid approval process.

Assignment Recommendations

netDuty’s fire shift calendar web software allows you to filter bids by company day, by employment status or rank by seniority or least number of scheduled hours. By using netDuty, you’ll save time collecting bids, choosing assignments, and communicating the schedule. Let us show you how.

More Bidding Features

Tracking Bids
Staff may submit individual shift bids, or they may mass bid by duty type and station. Their availability on the fire department shift calendar determines which days they do not bid for shifts. netDuty tracks the bids, and displays them in a easy to read, concise calendar view.

Automatic Bidding
You can also choose to assign your fire department shifts automatically, using each staff member’s number of bids, seniority level, and number of scheduled hours to produce an efficient and equitable use of your team.

Instead of posting the schedule, or calling staff with schedule updates, your staff can receive email notifications in a timely and convenient manner.