Law Enforcement Shift Calendar

  • The netDuty Day View gives you tools to easily view your schedule and identify staffing needs. Communicate with other shift managers to know what schedule considerations there are.
  • Creating and editing shifts is easy and provides the tools you need to attach important information to each assignment. Determining which staff members should be offered available shifts allows you to equitably make offers.
  • For Career organizations, we'll provide you with one of our timesheet templates. netDuty handles the processing of your payroll rules so at the end of your pay period, you just print, review and submit your time sheets to your pay roll staff. (Or, talk to us about importing)

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netDuty Online is a web application that provides scheduling and time tracking for public safety agencies.  All department staff members have available access to the schedule, but with individual and organizational privileges and configurations to provide for your department's policies and procedures.

Simplify your department's scheduling and communication by using netDuty's easy to understand interface and allow your department members and officers to update the schedule as needed.


With netDuty Scheduling, your department's up to date schedule is available to your staff all the time, from any internet device.

Online Shift Calendar

Flexible, automatic scheduling tools gets your department shift calendar built out quickly, with each day's shifts clearly displayed and easily updated.

  • Online access for each staff member, no server or software to install.

    Today's shift information formatted to your view.

  • Configurable calendar indicating shifts, leaves, duty minimum alerts, and events.
  • Leave request/approval system to track the changing availability list.
  • Automatically emailed reports, to keep up to date.

Unscheduled Time Management

netDuty Time Clock gives your officers the ability to track their unscheduled and call back times.  Including all the flexibility of the Scheduling version, netDuty Time Clock adds the ability to track the time your officers spend working in addition to their shifts.

Keep a running track of each officer's hour throughout each pay period.

Report Information

The ability to categorize each unscheduled shift at the time it was performed, including notes describing the circumstance, gives your department the ability to accurately  compensate the time, and track the number of additional hours your officers are spending on the job.  Time reports can show you when an officer is scheduled into overtime, or out on leave, and what their time sheet for this pay period looks like.

Keep a running track of each officer's hour throughout each pay period.
  • Court Time
  • Special Events
  • After duty paperwork
  • Training
  • Meetings
Choose from several time sheet designs to produce a printed hard copy for signatures.

Choose from several time sheet designs to produce a printed hard copy for signatures.

Track Paid Time Off

Maintain a time bank for each type of paid time off per employee.  Each staff member can forecast their available time before requesting time off.  And managers can track available time prior to approving or denying a leave request.

Track Assignment Lists

Do you offer shifts based on seniority?  Or do you offer overtime assignments to officers with the least overtime assigned this year?  Or some other combination?    netDuty provides a list tracking system to save you the hassle of maintaining lists, across shifts, among officers.  And everyone can see where they are on the list at any time.