Police Department Staffing

Use netDuty to put your police department staffing schedule available online for your officers. Provide online scheduling tools for each of your staff members, coordinate staffing needs and help coordinate officer’s personal schedules to reduce time spent filling shifts. Three subscription packages allow you to only pay for the services you need:


Police Department Staffing

Easily and inexpensively put your department schedule online.

  • Assign officers according to your scheduling policies.
  • Approve and track officer exchanges.
  • Maintain department wide event calendar.
  • All schedule changes, and shift needs can be automatically emailed to qualified staff members.

Time Clock

Police Officer Time Tracking

Track scheduled and unscheduled hours.

  • Officers can clockin/clockout from anywhere, showing who is on and off duty at any time.
  • Track unscheduled shifts (Court Time, Training, etc…)
  • Track normal shift hours, and unscheduled time (meetings, court time, etc…)


Officer Staffing and Time Sheets

Deliver detailed, concise time sheets to your payroll department.

  • Print time sheets for each staff member, automatically calculate overtime hours.
  • Easily track number of hours spent on certain tasks; court time, training etc.
  • Automatically track and forecast staff member’s available time off banks.

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