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Every department is different, which is why we would like to contact you and find out more about how your department scheduling and time management currently works, and what your needs are. Please fill out this form, with any questions you have, and we will get back to you shortly to set up a time to meet.

This is an affordable, easy to use online staffing tool for budget conscious departments.

netDuty Online

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Online Duty Calendar

We’d like to show you an example of one of our online duty calendars, built for the emergency services industry. Fire, Police, EMS. Emergency services personnel are often subject to different labor laws and contracts, they frequently work unscheduled hours, and they are often assigned to specific apparatus.

With netDuty online, your department can run more efficiently and with more conveniences in assigning your crew schedules. The most up to date schedule is always posted for your staff members to review, and adjust. Volunteers may sign up for sleeper programs, career staff may request time off, part timers may bid on shifts, and your department officers can approve, deny requests or change the duty calendar with the latest updates.

Email Notifications

An important piece of your daily shift changes is your department communication system. With netDuty online, staff may configure what events trigger notifications, and if those notifications should be sent out immediately or grouped into one email at the end of the day.