Shift Exchanges

If your staff enjoys the flexibility of exchanging fire shifts with each other, netDuty can easily administer the process. netDuty provides a request, approval, and tracking system for shift exchanges on your fire shift calendar and can even bank hours owed between staff members.

Fire Shift Calendar Exchanges

Fire Shift Exchanges are handled according to your department policies.

Does your staff exchange fire shifts during the same period your overtime is calculated? Are they able to bank owed hours between staff members? However your firefighter shift calendar exchanges are permitted, netDuty’s powerful fire department shift calendar solution helps manage and track fire shift bids and trades between staff members.


  • Staff can request exchanges from other qualified staff members.
  • Requests can use an optional Shift Hour Bank to maintain a set of owed hours between two staff members.
  • Staff may be limited to offer trades during the same overtime period.


  • Use the netDuty fire shift calendar to understand proposed changes to staffing.
  • Email notifications are sent to the involved staff members and other managers as configured.
  • Only qualified staff may offer to trade duties.


  • Transaction history on each step of the approval process.
  • Each day displays exchange information.
  • Exchange Bank can be maintained to track hours owed between firefighters.