Shift Scheduling

Fire Department Shift Schedule

Put your department schedule online for staff to view and edit. Combine an online fire department shift schedule with staff emails and netDuty provides a significant time savings and convenience.


Online Scheduling

Up to date fire department shift schedule accessible by your staff members, with all transactions recorded.

  • Web page optimized for cell phones.
  • Build your fire shift schedule a year in advance, including automatic firefighter kelly days.
  • Company based automatic scheduling.
  • Volunteers can edit their own fire shift.


Staff may submit their availability, with or without managerial approval.

  • Prevents staff from being assigned when they are out of town.
  • Provides valuable information for off duty or special skills availability.
  • Concise display on the fire department shift calendar.


With netDuty communications, each staff member can choose an email address for notifications and define which events trigger those notifications.

  • Reduce the frequency of notifications and receive less email. Each user can request to receive one daily email containing all applicable schedule changes.
  • Firefighter shift schedule updates are automatically emailed to relevant personnel.
  • Managers are kept up to date on fire shift changes for their company day