Time and Attendance

Web Based Time Tracking

How much time does your department spend tracking staff duty time, vacation time, and training hours? Do you spend valuable time creating time sheets for earned overtime and adding up hours?

netDuty can turn your end of pay period record keeping into a simple, brief task at the end of your pay period.

Categorizing Time

netDuty provides a variety of reporting and pay categories you can customize to help indicate how the netDuty Time Card processing rules should handle the time as it appears on the time sheet for the staff member.  Each staff member’s time cards are being processed so at the end of each pay period, all you have to do is just print them.

Custom Time Sheet

netDuty provides customized time sheets for your department.

You can save significant time using netDuty to track your firefighters, officers and paramedics scheduled and unscheduled time cards. Staff members may review their hours before submitting your time sheets to your payroll department.  netDuty is built to be the police, EMS and fire department shift calendar of choice.

Automatic Overtime Calculation

The netDuty Pay Processing system automatically calculates FLSA overtime, 40 hours per week, 212 hours over 28 days, or however your department pays overtime.  When staff members are given overtime for particular shifts, netDuty tracks that time as well, ensuring that your department policies are adhered to, and you save time calculating it by hand.

Time Banks

Vacation Banks, available sick time and accrual rates based on years of service are automatically tracked, so each staff member knows how much time they have available before they request time off.

Forecasting, for both staff members and managers, is easy.  netDuty displays the available banked time, the expected accrual time, and the amount of time requested and approved between the current date and the target date.